Rockfest family!

We have worked hard since last year to bring you a killer 2020 edition that would mark the return of Rockfest, which was a lengthy and complex process. We were getting ready to announce and go on sale in mid-March, but Covid-19 decided to crash the party and forced us to put everything on hold. We have explored many options including a Fall postponement, but at this point it is just too risky on many levels to hold the event in its planned iteration this year. While this was a heartbreaking decision, we do look forward to seeing you all in 2021!

SUPPORT THE FESTIVAL! It is no secret that the entire event industry is currently facing an unprecedented crisis. For our loyal festivalgoers who are able and willing to support the fest so we can come back stronger than ever in 2021, we have put together a new online store with badass merch that was meant to be used for the 2020 edition. We greatly appreciate all the fans that have always believed in this project!

Shop here!

We’ll use the downtime to keep our social media alive by bringing back Rockfest archives so we can all remember those incredible moments that we have lived together, as well as livestream concerts from bands.

Thank you once again for your support – we’re one big family. Stay safe, WE LOVE YOU!!!


On June 19-21, we will be presenting a Rockfest in Montebello in the form of an immersive virtual simulation in real time. It will be exactly as if you were there: the road trip to Montebello, your arrival at the campground, the party all over town, the music, the sunburns and the usual madness while shouting ROCKFEST!

Pieced together thanks to thousands of hours of unreleased footage accumulated for nearly 15 years as well as new filming, you will literally have the chance to relive the unique festival experience all weekend, 24 hours a day, with over 50 hours of exclusive content. This innovative project will be the first of its kind worldwide.

So invite your fest buddies in your backyard (6 feet apart), then bring out the TV, the BBQ, the tent and especially the beer! This will be our way of celebrating RF together this year, while also supporting the festival so we can come back stronger in 2021.


Weekend pass, VIP pass, daily ticket and the option of adding a 2020 wristband. Each ticket buyer will receive a unique non-shareable link. Each weekend pass holder will receive a $10 discount code off the regular price for the next edition.

Confirm your presence on the official event!


What is Virtual Rockfest?

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